6 Tips For a Perfect Move on a Rainy Day

Moving in itself can be confusing, stressful, and tiresome. Add wet weather to that and you have a recipe for utter insanity. Apart from pursuing slipping hazards, rain also comes with the risk of damaging your packing boxes, and causing mould to form inside if you do not unpack and allow your possessions to dry. Additionally, most electronic items simply don’t tolerate water getting inside. The risks are high.

There are things you can do to mitigate the negative effect that rain might have on your moving. Here are 6 tips.

6 Tips For A perfect Move In Wet Weather

1. Prepare Adequately 

It’s hard to predict whether it will rain or not, and weather forecasts are not always reliable. They can predict dry weather only for the floodgates to open on the very day. However, if your move is in the rainy season, you are better off being ready for the worst regardless of the forecast. Make sure that you have a plan for every possible obstacle the rain might throw your way.

2. Have Your Boots Ready

Make sure you have your rain boots within reach as you move. That means not packing them deep with other items. If you are moving during the rainy season, you might want to add your boots to the box of essential items. These will keep your feet dry in case the rain falls heavily enough to form puddles of water here and there. But that’s not the only thing to avoid. There is also the risk of slipping and so you have to make sure the boots you are using have an anti-slip sole.

There certain places you have to watch your step in. Some of the riskiest places include ramps and stairs. Moving truck ramps can also be risky when wet, and the fact that they lie at the edge of the track can mean ugly injuries if you were to slip.

3. Hire Pro Removalists

Hiring the right removalists is always a good idea. But this becomes even more important if the conditions become extra special as they do during showers. Firstly, movers that know their stuff will make short work of your items, ensuring that you spend the least amount of time working in the rain. The have all the techniques needed to handle your possessions, whether heavy or simply delicate, even in wet dangerous conditions.

When moving house in the rain, all you want to do is get home and get settled as quickly as possible. This means spending the least possible time in transit. Imagine hiring clueless removalists that have no idea which routes are shorter, which ones have the least traffic at particular times, and which ones are the best to use in wet conditions. Experienced removalists will be privy to all these details and ensure a smooth quick move for you.

4. Buy the right Material

Packing boxes are not the best at keeping rain water out, and the material itself easily breaks down when exposed to water. To combat this, you may have to have sealing materials like masking tape handy. You can use this to seal up all seams, cracks and other openings to at least see you through the short exposure to rain. Any fabrics will be better off not exposed to the rain. For this, put all clothes in junk bags to keep water out. Mattresses are great at absorbing water and painfully terrible at drying. You may want to pay the most attention to this to see to it that water gets to it. The solution is a simple one: mattress covers.

5. Have Dry Towels Within Reach

Have a number of dry towels within reach to dry yourself as you walk in and out of the house. It’s easy to get the indoor floors wet with the carry-over water from the outside and this can be a dangerous slip hazard. Some floors can be slippery by themselves, add a layer of water to them and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. If you like, instead of having people wipe their feet every time they walk in, you can simply spread clothes at the entrance to allow people to dry their feet as they enter.

6. Quickly Unpack Wet Boxes

There is no need to rush the unpacking process. All you have to do is get the essentials out and take your time with the rest if you like. But not if the boxes are wet. If you have any packing boxes that have been overly exposed to rain water, quickly unpacking them would be a good idea if you love the contents. The problem is that you may not know just how much damage if a has been done to the items inside. Some items, like electronics, can’t handle even a little moisture.

If you have any fabrics that have been drenched in rain water during the move, unpacking them and taking the necessary steps to dry them as soon as possible will prevent mould from forming. Mould might as well be your worst enemy to your fabric because of its smell and its weakening effect on the fibres. If it ever builds up in your mattress, you are definitely going shopping for a new one, unless you can stand the smell.