About Brisbane Removalists

We Won’t Just Take You There, We Will Make Sure You Enjoy The Ride.

We are Brisbane removalists, a removals company built to give you only the best service in furniture removals. With us as your partner, you can rest assured of efficient, safe, and quick relocation with no hassle at all.

Our philosophy is simple: We aim to out-perform your money in value.

About Brisbane Removalists

Our Areas of Operation

If you are thinking of moving house in South East QLD, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and nearby areas, then think Brisbane Removalists. Our men and trucks are ever ready to help you have a pleasant seamless relocation. Over the years, our expertise and experience have served hundreds of clients in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, leaving them more than satisfied.

When it comes to furniture removals, Brisbane is our territory.

Whether you are just moving down the street, hopping from one suburb to another, or leaping inter-region, only two things can happen: your experience with us will be one of ease, and your story afterwards will definitely be one of a happy ending. This is where our strength lies.

Our Pride

Moving house can seem like a dark stressful cloud, and while every cloud has a silver-lining, we are here to show you that in the hands of the right professionals, the cloud itself can be the silver.

We Pride Ourselves In:

  • Our personnel who are equipped with knowledge and experience in handling your furniture removals.

    All our men are with us on a full-time basis and you can therefore expect consistency in quality execution of services. All our movers are polite, friendly, patient, and more than willing to go out of their way to make sure that above all else, you are satisfied.We boast not just of great results for our clients, but also a pleasant process that makes moving house seem like a walk in the park.

  • Our Purpose Designed Equipment

    We won’t just bundle your precious items in any vehicle and drive away. We only use trucks built specially for furniture removals to ensure your possessions are all moved safely. Our fleet is well maintained and handled by professionals for the most predictable and timely relocation.

  • Respect for Your Schedule

    We value your time as our clients, and we as Brisbane Removalists will show up right when you need us to. We understand the importance of planning when it comes to moving house and we respect every minute of your time.

  • Our Flexibility

    Ultimately, you are the reason we are here and so you get to dictate our interaction. You are free to handle only some parts of the moving process yourself or let us do everything for you. Either way, you only pay for what we do, and our hands stand ready to help at any time.

  • Our Effective Communication

    We will keep you in the know at all times through the relocation process and it doesn’t matter how large all small the project is. Having been in the furniture removals business in Brisbane for over 8 years, we have a ton of advice to offer and won’t hesitate to inform you on how best to handle your relocation.

  • Customer Service

    Forget about lousy customer service where you feel privileged to get even one query addressed. Brisbane removalists are not just happily willing, but also able to offer you advice on any aspect of moving house for safe, cost-effective and stress-free moving. You get only polite, kind and effective customer service.

  • Our Comprehensive Insurance Policy

    You don’t have to worry about the shock of opening a box to the greetings of a broken piece of furniture. All our services are covered by our company insurance policy and all damages will be repaired without any yelling on your part – Ts&Cs can be viewed here.

Moving House is a Huge Change in Your Life. Put it in the Hands of Professionals. Contact us For a Free, Non-Obligatory Quote Today.