Brisbane Removalists Moving Checklist

Especially for your first move, it is possible that all you know is that you are moving house, and it’s as stressful as can be. You have no clue where to start or what to start exactly.

By following this straightforward checklist, you will be able to make the chaotic and tedious task of moving house a smooth much experience.

For the best results, you have to get the ball rolling two months before the actual moving day or everything will be in a hectic knot.

Brisbane Removalists Moving Checklist


Two Months Prior


  • Start sorting through your belongings and see what you can keep, sell, give away, recycle, or just throw away.
  • Check which items would require extra careful handling or special insurance.

Go Through Your Options for Removalists in Brisbane

  • Do your due diligence and scour through all removalists in Brisbane until you come up with a shortlist of the best in terms of money, time, and quality.

Keep All Records

  • Keep every piece of document in one place, preferably in a binder. All receipts and other important records should be well within reach at all times.

Transfer School Records

  • Inform your school and have them move your children’s information to your new school.

Six Weeks Prior

Get Packing and Wrapping Supplies

  • Order packing material like boxes and tape. These can be obtained from your removalists in Brisbane or shops.
  • Try as much as possible to estimate how much of everything you’ll need to avoid last-minute patch-ups.
  • Refer to your inventory and see if you’ll need any special packaging like dish barrels.

Eat, Use, or Throw Away

  • Attack your food and everyday supplies like cleaning material. Eat as much perishable food as you can, especially frozen food.
  • Throw away or use up anything nearing expiration to lighten your load.

Measure the Rooms, Large Furniture and Doors

  • Take measurements of the rooms of your new home and compare them with the measurement of your large pieces of furniture to see if everything can pass through the doors and fit the rooms.

One Month Prior

Pick Your Mover

  • Pick your mover and settle all arrangements. Get all your agreements about time, cost and other aspects of the service written down.

Start Packing

  • Start with the things you don’t need frequently. If there are is anything that needs special handling or extra insurance, take note and inform your removalists in Brisbane.

Label the Boxes

  • Keep an inventory by labelling the boxes by room and by items contained.
  • Keep separate boxes for the essentials that might be needed right away.
  • Mark the box of valuables like jewellery and personal documents and transport them yourself.

Change Your Address and Inform the Necessary Parties

  • Change your address with the post office, banks, and other relevant organizations including utility companies.
  • Transfer your medical records to your new medical institutions.

Two Weeks Prior

Secure a Day or Two of Absence

  • Inform your employer about the move and ask for one or two days off depending on the size of the move.
  • Inform the school about the particular day the children will stop showing up.

Prepare your Car

  • Take your car to the garage and have the mechanic verify if its good for the move
  • If the climate in your new town is different, ask your mechanic if there is anything you have to do for your car.

Contact Your Removalists in Brisbane

  • Check with your removalists to make final confirmations. Inform them of any changes that might have come up during the process.
  • If you need the furniture in your new home to be arranged in a specific way, inform your removalists.

One Week Prior

Restock on Prescriptions

  • If anyone in the family needs prescriptions, get enough to last a few weeks to cover the time you’ll be organizing yourself.

Pack Your Clothes

  • Pack your suitcases just a few days before moving day and have enough clothes to use for a couple of days.

A Few Days Prior

Defrost the Freezer

  • Unplug your freezer and let it defrost. If there is any food remaining in it, eat it or throw it away.
  • Drain and clean it up 24 hours before moving.

Reconfirm the Details

  • Contact your removalists and verify that everything is set on their part and confirm their arrival time.
  • Give them any last-minute instructions you might have

Prepare Payment

  • Make payment arrangements and choose the best method for both you and the removalist in Brisbane whether credit card, money order or check
  • A tip for a job well done by the movers is always appreciated.

Make Arrangements For Your Pet

  • Prepare a box for your pet if you have one. Pack its food, bowl and leash, toys, and any medication if it uses any.

Moving Day

Make Final Verifications

  • Make sure the truck assigned to you is the one you agreed upon and it’s actually able to handle your load.

Go Through Your Old Home

  • Check through your home one last time for any items you might leave behind.
  • Disconnect the electricity and water meter and switch off the mains
  • Lock up your old house and if you can, it would be nice to take one last family photograph.

Sign the Final Papers

  • Sign the inventory list and your bill before the movers leave and be sure to keep copies.

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