How to Reduce Moving House Stress

You might have been given a juicy promotion that entails moving to another city, or maybe you have finally bought the home of your dreams. That’s worth celebrating. But soon, a harsh reality creeps up on you and rains on your parade – you have to move house. It’s like a gigantic jig-saw puzzle that gives you a headache just by thinking about it.

There are, however, things you can do to make it more bearable. These will bring the stress to a minimum, leaving the move a more pleasant memory.

Here are some ways to take the stress out of your move.



One reason your move looks like one insurmountable mountain is the disorganised clutter. Your mind can’t just picture being in a new house without going through hell when you look at how much stuff you have to deal with. Getting rid of unnecessary things will be like freeing a clogged pipe. You will think much clearer and suddenly the stress will subside.

Put your items in three groups – one to be sold, one to be given away, and one to throw away. If you have any possessions that have a low mileage on them and appear pretty usable, list them for sale on websites like Craigslist, eBay, or Gumtree.

You could also be a Good Samaritan and donate your items to a charity of your choice so long they are still in a decent condition. For those articles that are beyond redemption, head to the recycling centre or leave them at a landfill.

Focus on the Moving House Task

Moving house is one thing you do not want to multi-task with others. During the period of your relocation, you want to do away with everything you can, leaving only the move itself. This means finding a babysitter to help with the baby while you run up and down, or asking a day off from work.

Way before your move, perform all the necessary tasks to make sure you will be completely free on that day.

Start Early

The key is to do everything at a natural pace, and moving house being the huge task it is, this means starting as early as you reasonably can. The moving of furniture may be the main part of the whole thing, but it is still just a part. You, as people, are moving too and that means changing addresses with the relevant parties- banks, utility companies, etc. You will also have to change the kids’ schools, and transfer your medical records to your new hospital. That’s a lot to do, and the possibility of forgetting some things cannot be ignored.

Be Systematic

Random action will achieve nothing unless broken items and headaches count. Everything you do must be according to a well thought out plan. One area where being systematic proves to be a lifesaver is with your packing – if you are self-packing, that is.

You will need markers because there will be labelling, lots of labelling. Once you pack your belongings, label the boxes to indicate the room and the content. Come up with an inventory list to document all your packing. This will minimise the number of lost items and make the unpacking much more bearable.

Some furniture will need to be dismantled. That means screws, bolts, and nuts, and these have a way of getting lost if you are not careful. Keep the fasteners for each piece of furniture in a separate plastic bag, and make sure you keep the pieces in one box, well-labeled.

Mind Your Valuables

You have wedding rings, certificates, diplomas and degrees, and other small but highly valuable items. Always be sure where these are throughout your move. One thing you do not want is the disabling worry that your valuables may have been lost. You would do well to keep them all together and move with them as opposed to leaving them with the removalist if you are using one.

Ask For Help

Everyone in the family must chip in. At least each member should handle their bedroom to whatever extent they can. Your friends can bring so many valuable hands to the show, and the good part is that you won’t have to pay them. Ask them before moving day to allow them to prepare.

Get Some Pros

The best way to have a stress-free move is by hiring removalists. Not just any, the best you can get. Their expertise means you will be able to relocate within a short time without breaking your possessions.