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What does D.I.Y. really stand for?

Remove the “Do It Yourself” Stress

 Life is full of stress. Some we cannot avoid and others that really aren’t necessary. Moving into your new home should be a time that is full of excitement and joy. However, the reality is often quite a different experience.

There are many ways to reduce these stresses. Here we talk about one such way.

 There isn’t much to move, let’s just D.I.Y it!

 Sure, you can hire a trailer or even borrow one, you might even think this will save you time and money. Sure, load all the things you hold so special in your life into a box trailer or even hire a truck – all good. That is until you don’t strap it down correctly and something falls off or you are pulled over by Dept. of Roads or your local police for an unsafe load. Those fines can sure mount up. But even if this doesn’t happen and you make it to your wonderful new address without incident. That’s just one load. Now it’s time to do it all over again.

How many loads? How much fuel? How many times do you risk breakages or fines? All these events can add up to more money than you thought and usually do.

Broken crockery or ornaments, scratched or damaged furniture or appliances, long days day after day to complete your move! All costs you really don’t need but the biggest cost can be to your health. Extreme stress can affect your health and even shorten your life and there aren’t many things more stressful than moving.

Brisbane Removalists can lower the stress levels and move your thing without worry.

 Our professional removal experts can help avoid those breakages and damage. Our removalists teams are trained in the best ways to get your stuff from the old to the new home with minimum stress and problems. Our trucks are purpose-built “removal” trucks and we have the experience to get the job done right and with the minimum fuss and expense to you.

Our crews will handle and pack your belongings into our trucks and transport your stuff to its new location while you look after the other many tasks needed to be done at moving time. We will place your belongings where you want them and without risk of damaging anything, including your own body.

Or if you prefer, head out for the day. Leave your old home, spend a few hours relaxing at the beach or visit a nice restaurant while our crews do all the hard work for you!

 Does “Do It Yourself” really save money.

 I guess this has a few sides to this question and while it may save a few bucks to do it yourself at face value, you really need to factor in the associated costs and risks involved in this major life event!

Your time is worth money, your belongings have both monetary value and often even more sentimental value too. Your health is invaluable.

Doing it yourself might save a “buck” on the day but when weighed up against all the other facts, it can often end up more expensive in more ways than one.

 What should you do now?

 To ask the question is the only way to receive the answer.

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